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Job Roles of Care Giver

Care givers are kind of Gods in society people they are the once who help elderly people when they become old, Care givers are the people who are going to aid them, The responsibilities of a caregiver are very vast. Caregivers generally work in patients’ homes and help virtually with any task.

Caregivers are responsible for helping the seniors, infants or disabled clients in receiving proper nutrition by planning and preparing their meals and performing grocery shopping. Caregivers basically help in cleaning, taking them for errands and any other daily activity they need help with. Besides these, if working for the elderly, the job involves all the necessary duties of senior health care, which including monitoring their vital signs and maintaining a log book. If caring for a child, the job involves meeting the physical and emotional needs of the child by providing social interaction and playing games that encourage skill development and reading.



Care Giver (Male / Female)


5000 NIS +480 Weekly Allowance = 5400 NIS (RS 253800.00)
(01 NIS =Rs.47.00)


23 to 45


  • Food /Accommodation and medicals provided by free
  • Return air tickets will be provide
  • One day off per week
  • Contract period 02 years (Renewable)


  • Good English Knowledge.
  • Overseas working experience
  • Nursing or Care giving experience will be add qualification